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Living Earth Movement for International Cooperation on Climate Solutions Between the U.S. and China.

Our Mission

The Living Earth Movement strives to foster global collaboration to benefit all life on Earth, starting with the United States and China. Our mission is to advance a new human society that coexists harmoniously with the entire ecosphere.

Broader Statement of Purpose

The ecological crisis is global. More and more people realize this. Yet, the world remains divided. If the two most powerful nations – the United States of America and the People’s Republic of China – do not work together and take dramatic action in the next decade, climate chaos will lead to social, political, and economic chaos and, ultimately, the extinction of the human species, along with most life on earth. Yet, the U.S. and China have the power and resources, together, to lead the world through this crisis, if they give it top priority.

The mission of the Living Earth Movement is twofold.

The short-term priority is to get the U.S. and China to cooperate for the sake of all life on this planet. Without their full and joint participation, the necessary changes will not be made in time. However, with their joint leadership, virtually all nations will follow.

The second and equally important priority is to promote the foundations for a new kind of civilization in which humans would learn to value and cooperate with the rest of the ecosphere. We need a world in which humans understand themselves as part of a living earth community. We call this an ecological civilization.

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There are no winners on a dead planet!

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By John B. Cobb, Jr. for The Living Earth Movement

Nongovernmental organizations have specific reasons for their existence, and when the issues they think of addressing are different, they must consider how their statements may affect their chosen mission.  The Living Earth Movement has adopted a name that indicates a very wide range of specific topics, but it recognizes that its specific reason for being is concern about the relation of the United States and China.  We believe that enmity between the world’s two greatest nations is the major obstacle to their leading the world to deal well with the challenge to the planet’s long-term health.  We seek to persuade these two nations to work together to lead the Earth to organize itself for sustainability and health.  Americans are split with regard to the policies of Israel in relation to the Palestinians; so, any position we take will be divisive with respect to our major mission.

On the other hand, it is important that NGOs use their privileged position to support each other when this reflects their current collective judgment.  The moral consciousness of the world is overwhelmingly opposed to one nation’s efforts to eliminate whole classes of people simply because they belong to another nationality or class that is felt as a threat.  Israel appears to aim to reduce the Palestinian population regardless of the acts or commitments of those who are killed.  It does not seem, for example, to be particularly concerned to avoid the killing of babies and young children.  It seems to consider a reduction of the Palestinian population good in itself and requiring no special justification.  The United States would no doubt cry out loudly against such barbarism if Chinese policy led to its practice by China.  But our government has been very slow to criticize our ally.  On the contrary we have supplied abundant weapons for slaughter.

It seems that Biden finally differentiated himself from the government of Israel, but only because he saw that his uncritical support of Israel was costing him badly needed votes.  This suggests that popular protests are effective and that remaining neutral and silent is not acceptable.  Accordingly, we join with the many Americans who feel they must stand strongly against the massive killing of people just because they are Palestinian.  It is past time for silence.  Perhaps our adding the voice of the Living Earth Movement, we can add a little to the pressure on Biden to withdraw support from slaughtering those from whom Israel has taken the land.

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Is International Cooperation Possible?

A Bold Appeal for a Living Earth

The Living Earth Movement Book

Living Earth Youth Dialogues Program serves as a shining example of successful international cooperation within the Living Earth Movement.


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LEM offers regular speeches open to the public discussing ecological civilization, climate change, and more.

Awakening to Humanity's Sacred Mission

A Zoom recording featuring among others an interview of John B. Cobb, Jr. within the scope of a international symposium and call to action organized by Unity Earth & Partners

John Cobb interviewed during the Unity Earth Symposium of February 2024

Discovering Opportunities for Radical Collaboration

YouTube Recording of Special July 27th Meeting on Discovering Opportunities for Radical Collaboration with Jon and Sommer Joy Ramer

China Enters the Matrix

Dr. John Cobb and John Perkins discuss China’s emergence in international trade and the need for China-U.S. relations to secure a sustainable planet.

Ecological Civilization

David Korten discusses humanity’s need for deep transformation in order to achieve a sustainable planet and future.

About Us

We are a collective of academic, philosophical, theological, business, science, and religious leaders, along with best-selling authors, who are dedicated to taking action to urge the U.S. and China to address climate change and establish a sustainable ecosystem worldwide. Our efforts are guided by the esteemed process theology scholar Dr. John Cobb, a prominent figure in academia, theology, and activism for over five decades.

“We will continue to create the other world that we are sowing seed by seed, inch-by-inch of soil, person by person, community by community – until all of this planet is embraced in one circle of a resurgent life and resurgent love. We will not give up.”

– Vandana Shiva

What You Can Do

Join the Living Earth Movement in our mission to bring together the U.S. and China to combat climate change. With our established connections in both governments and various global organizations, we welcome your assistance in making a positive impact on our planet.
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Yeoju ECO Forum 2019:

Interfaith Dialogue on Ecological Civilization

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