Newsletter no. 4
The Movement for a Living Earth
by Dr. John Cobb
May 19, 2022
We named ourselves the Living Earth Movement. But we certainly hope we are not the movement. Indeed, we know that we are not. There are hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals, maybe millions, who are committed to work for a living Earth. We are one more. We want to join with all.
What can we contribute? Perhaps the name will help to identify our many partners and strengthen collaboration among us. One of our emphases is that the world needs cooperation. We have focused on cooperation between the United States and China. We hope others will join us in appreciating the importance of this specific cooperation. But we need cooperation among all nations. We need cooperation also among all those working for a living Earth.

We have generated some projects of our own. But we have also decided that supporting others who may be able to do things we cannot do is just as important. Right now, we recognize that the organization that has done the most to bring Americans and Chinese together around concern for a living Earth is the Institute for the Postmodern Development of China. Its aim at an ecological civilization is certainly directed toward maintaining a living Earth.

It is holding its fifteenth annual meeting by Zoom. Even though its meetings in the past have been in California, it is much better known in China than in the United States. Perhaps we are called to increase participation from the U.S. Please consider joining, or at least dropping in.

Vandana Shiva is being honored June 4 by the Institute of Post Modern Development of China. Maybe you would like to hear her speak? For decades this Indian woman has been a leader in working for a living Earth not only in India but also globally. Her wisdom and foresight are legendary. Today as India suffers from a murderous heatwave for which we are all responsible, it is all the more important to hear its greatest spokesperson.

Please join us for the following upcoming events!

• May 26 at 1 pm PDT / 4pm EDT:
"Ecological Civilization: The Living Earth Alternative”
LEM Series with David Korten and Jeff Wells speaking.
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• May 26 at 5pm PDT / 8pm EDT:
2022 Claremont Eco-Forum – "Ecological Civilization in Relational Context: Building Regenerative Communities of Communities”
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