Earth Crisis Support Groups

A project under development encouraged by The Living Earth Movement.


Dr. John Cobb and Rev. Bonnie Tarwater have been working on a book, Confessions of A Disciple of Jesus to inspire radial truth telling for Americans and earthlings everywhere. They have created guidelines for Earth Crisis Support Groups for there are all sorts of small groups that help people to deal with particular problems. But we know of none that help people to deal with the threat to human survival. We feel called to encourage the formation of such groups. Some may be composed of disciples of Jesus. Others of Muslims. Others of atheists. Others of those who are spiritual but not religious. And others, perhaps most, of human beings of all stripes who want help in dealing with their partly suppressed fears.

“As a Christian minister, God is calling me to invite people to small groups to eat together and tell the truth about what our shared circumstances are living during the worst existential crisis the human family has ever faced. We are living during the 6th extinction of life on earth! It is time to talk about what is happening in the world, sharing news sources other than those that are corporate owned media and brainstorming with others about what we can do out in the world. We invite everyone to “act as if” we are courageous and free like Greta Thunberg. As a Unitarian Universalist minister, a disciple of Jesus, as well as someone who honors all the ancient wisdom traditions, I believe it is past time we women, Americans and people of all faith show leadership to invite everyone to God’s table. Everybody knows that sharing a meal together creates community and loving bonds of trust and friendship and we also all know that, ‘the truth will set us free.'”

So, please invite people to a pot luck or contact us and we will help you join a group. Let’s do something radically loving in our global crisis — share a meal, share the truth of how we are feeling, talk about what is happening in the world and then — the frosting on the cake, let’s enjoy discussing and imagining what creative, fun, inspired actions we can take in the world together. “Don’t think a small group of people cannot change the world. It is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead