Introducing New Earth Crisis Support Groups on December 29 and Living Earth Youth Dialogues on January 5, 2023

The Living Earth Movement invites you to attend a special monthly gathering with Dr. John Cobb and Bonnie Tarwater on Thursday, December 29th at 1 pm PST on Zoom as we share about the inauguration of the new Earth Crisis Support Groups. John and Bonnie have been working on an extended statement of their personal concerns and beliefs in a book to be published soon in 2023, Confessions of a Disciple of Jesus.

Their greatest concern is that humanity is headed for utter disaster. Both John and Bonnie find wisdom in Jesus, especially in his call for us to love our enemies. Both call to others to work for radical civilizational changes that would enable humanity to have a positive future. Both find that most people are not able to engage in sustained consideration of what is required.

There are all sorts of small groups that help people to deal with particular problems. But we know none that help people deal with the threat to human survival. We feel called to encourage the formation of such groups. Some may be composed of disciples of Jesus. Others of Muslims. Others of atheists. Others of those who are spiritual but not religious. And others, perhaps most, of human beings of all stripes who want help in dealing with their partly suppressed fears.

Presenting Earth Crisis Support Groups

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PASSCODE: 394741
ID: 869 2872 3601
ONE TAP MOBILE: +16694449171,,86928723601#,,,,*394741#
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Contact Bonnie for information: (858) 248-5123

Living Earth Youth Dialogues, Living Earth Movement


Living Earth Youth Dialogues

Thursday, January 5, 2023 from 5 -6 pm Pacific Time

(More details will be provided in an issue of this newsletter, on the Living Earth website and social media accounts as soon as they are available)

An evening conversation around the digital fire with Alexi Caracotsios and friends. We will be sharing our thoughts on the subject of loneliness and community in the US, more pressing and lasting pandemic beyond Covid is the pandemic of loneliness, isolation, and political fanaticism in the US society, which is slowly working to rot our shared humanity.


Across the ocean, young people in China, especially those living in big cities, face the same loneliness and lack of community and peer support. Many gave up urban life and moved to the countryside in search of community and connection with the land. In an evening conversation, we share stories and experiences and listen to each other, letting the digital fireside generate warmth and be a source of hope and support.

 This program is an initiative of the Living Earth Movement, Institute for Postmodern Development of China, and Cobb Institute in which youth from China and the United States share the “seeds of hope” they are planting in their local settings.

 Once a month, beginning December 2, 2022, young people ages 18-35 from China or the United States will briefly share seeds of hope they are planting and get feedback from friends near and far. They will talk about food, poetry, gardening, solutions for the climate crisis, or life itself. Along the way, they will converse with John B. Cobb, Jr., age 97, a pioneer in seed planting for an Ecological Civilization.

The initial Sharing from the Heart program was held on December 2, 2022.

Heart Sharing First Meeting Participants, Living Earth Movement

The Living Earth Movement is alive and well as these new programs along with the Position Papers project also initiated in this Quarter demonstrate. Early in 2023 we will provide an annual report covering our accomplishments in 2022 including producing our monthly programs and participating in major events such as Earth Gratitude, Humanity Rising, Unity.Earth, World Unity Week, Peace Week, Elder Climate Action, the China Town Hall, etc. We will also share an overview of our plans for the coming year and invite you to share your suggestions for programs and resources we could offer to help accomplish our LEM vision and mission.

 We are very grateful for the increasing level of participation especially in our U.S. and China and youth dialogue programs. We are presently seeking volunteers in many areas including program development, research, membership development, publishing, design, social media, marketing, fundraising, grant writing, etc. Please contact us if you have ANY interest in becoming an active participant!

 We also invite you to consider making a donation to help support our continuing growth and evolution toward the most crucial and timely vision and mission John Cobb continues to inspire us with. Living Earth Movement is a 501 (C)(3) nonprofit and donations are deductible in accordance with IRS guidelines. One time, monthly, and annual donations may easily be made using credit and debit cards through the Donate Form Below. If you would prefer to donate via check, stocks, etc. by mail or make other arrangements, please let us know.

 Thank you for your participation with and support of the Living Earth Movement! 

Charles Betterton, Executive Director, Living Earth Movement

Charles Betterton, MSCED

Executive Director

For Enquiries, Use the Form at the Bottom of the Post, or call at the indicated number.


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