Invitation to Living Earth Youth Dialogues on February 3, 2023

For the next Living Earth Youth Dialogues event on February 3rd, we are excited to welcome a Claremont alumni Luo Yi to share her stories from living in the Midwest of the US and starting her eco-social entrepreneurship in China’s Western mountains. Jared has made great progress in giving the event a new online home; please check the link here,

Flyer Lui Yi - Living Earth Youth Dialogues

Context for Luo Yi’s sharing:

After studying environmental and social science in the US’s mid-west areas, Luo Yi dedicated her work to storytelling for urban and rural sustainable development in China’s Western mountains. College graduates often struggle to find a career that makes a difference. As a social entrepreneur, Luo Yi’s answer to the question is “to build your own”. Lao Tu, a social enterprise started by Luo Yi, is committed to sustainable development through consumer education and youth engagement.

Through experiential learning programs and helping rural communities to promote their products, Luo Yi and her team are sparkling with creative ideas to facilitate positive dialogues between urban dwellers and China’s rural western communities. In this episode of Sharing From the Heart, Luo Yi will tell a story of her ecological journey from studying in America’s West to being an entrepreneur in China’s Western mountains.

We look forward to welcoming you into our next circle of digital fire!

Vivian Song and Jared Morningstar

The Youth Dialogues program is an initiative of the Living Earth MovementInstitute for Postmodern Development of China, and Cobb Institute, in which youth from China and the United States share the “seeds of hope” they are planting in their local settings. Once a month, young people ages 18-35 from China or the United States will briefly share seeds of hope they are planting and get feedback from friends near and far. They will talk about food, poetry, gardening, solutions for the climate crisis, or life itself. Along the way, they will converse with John B. Cobb, Jr., age 97, a pioneer in seed planting for an Ecological Civilization.

The recording of the January Youth Dialogues is available at

Here is a link to an article about that program


Friday, Feb 3, 2003

5:00 – 6:00 pm PACIFIC


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