Please join John Cobb and David Gershon for a special information session on the Peace on Earth by 2030 Game at 5:00 pm PT Monday, July 31st.

As we have continued evolving our partnership with the Empowerment Institute for the Game, we have increasingly discovered deep synergy between the Game and the Living Earth Movement mission. Please read on for more insights from John, details of the Youth Dialogues Sharing from the Heart later this week, and for the video recording of our exceptionally valuable July 27th Monthly meeting with our special guests Jon and Sommer Joy Ramer.

John Cobb - Is it too late?

“For me and those of us involved in the Living Earth Movement, Peace ON Earth needs to encompass Peace WITH Earth and all Living things.” John B.Cobb, Jr.
Author of 50+ books including the 50th anniversary edition of IS IT TOO LATE? The Theology of Ecology

Ever since I was awakened to the unsustainability of the modern world, I have been working to make changes. None of them were proportional to their goals. And the pace of progress, when there was progress at all, was far too slow. I felt called to plod along anyway. I have often said that sooner or later the situation will awaken people. Maybe what some of us do when few will listen will help.

In the last few years, that change has been happening. But another change has dominated. As the United States has seen its global dominance threatened, most of its leaders are committed to destroying those who threaten it. While the changes that now seem possible require radical cooperation, especially between China and the United States, the U.S. puts weakening China far ahead of cooperation. Some of our leaders seem willing to take the chance of war in East Asia to add to war in Ukraine.

We organized the Living Earth Movement to say and to show that many of us put a habitable planet far above American domination.  But despite the context of great urgency, progress when there was progress, was very slow.  We were a tiny group with a tiny audience.

Thanks to Charles Betterton, a new situation is emerging.  Much is happening quite independent of us.  New organizations are appearing and dozens of organizations are working together. There is now a peace movement in the United States that connects with peace movements globally. Our ideas and projects fit and enrich the thinking of its leader.Instead of an audience of a  few hundred, we can  potentially have an audience of hundreds of thousands.

For example, LEM has a project of producing accurate, nondemonizing, information about China.  We think that many Americans have some sense that American propaganda keeps them in appropriately hostile to China. They wish there was a  place where more objective information was available.   We are on the verge of making papers on a dozen topics available on  our  website. We have now been assured that other websites reaching far more people will work with us to make these papers widely available. Some of the key leaders of the new peace movement really welcome our ideas. Maybe, even our philosophical ideas can be appreciated as grounding a world order in cooperation rather than in war. 

Please join us for the information session where David Gershon, Charles, and I may share additional reasons why we are actively participating in what we refer to now as the Peace On Living Earth Game. Thank you!

John Cobb


Pease on Earth by 2030 Game

The Living Earth Movement  is grateful to serve as 1 of 36 organizations that have come together to help create Peace on Earth by 2030. We’re hosting an Information Session July 31st at 5:00 pm PT, 7:00 pm CT, 8:00 pm ET via zoom:

At the Information Session, you’ll learn about the vision and how you can be involved in this dynamic and effective approach to peace-building – it’s a game-changer! And yes, it starts by playing a life-changing Peace on Earth by 2030 game called “The Game.”

If interested, there is an opportunity to take another step – to create a “Peace on Earth Zone” in your community. Check out the Peace on Earth by 2030 website: The first phase is a global online version of The Game from August 2 to September 20, 2023.

The Game is built around seven unitive actions: Empowerment,Oneness, Unity, Cooperation, Abundance, Love and Faith. These actions have been combined with robust social change tools honed and tested in hundreds of cities with millions of people over four decades. When The Game is brought to a community and combined with these social change tools, it creates a Peace on Earth Zone. Here is a 4 video minute with an example of the positive impact the Game has on individuals and communities

We believe individuals, organizations, and communities working on peace initiatives and the vision of creating a world that works for everyone will be especially interested in this opportunity as it fosters deep peace practices, community building, and transformational skills.

We do hope you will join us for our Information Session,July 31st  5:00pm PT, 7:00 pm CT, 8:00 pm ET


Living Earth Movement is grateful to be a partner for the Peace on Earth 2030 Game that is introduced in the 4.30-minute video below, an 8-minute video at