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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

One of our main objectives for this issue of our newsletter is to introduce you to a few significant opportunities for any of us as individuals and or organizations to reach, engage with, and serve with national and international partners and develop expanded international  strategic relationships. Our primary focus is the Awakening to Humanity’s Sacred Mission: An International Symposium and Call to Action initiated by Ervin Laszlo February9-11, 2024 

A February 2nd orientation session with John Cobb, Ben Bowler, and Jon Ramer for the Awakening to Humanity’s Sacred Mission An International Symposium and Call to Action initiated by Ervin Laszlo February 9-11, 2024  will be held at 1:00pm PST in Unity Earth's Room One at  https://zoom.us/j/6060001111

Please join us for this essential gathering to prepare for the symposium on February 7th, 8th, 9th, and 18th and also register for  the main event for FREE at https://unity.earth/symposium-2024/
Thank you!

John Cobb and Charles Betterton

John Cobb Will Be One of the Symposium Presenters on Sunday, February 11 at 3:00pm PST

When John Cobb shares his presentation on Sunday February 11th at 3:00pm PST, he will answer the main Symposium Question of “What can we do? by providing several examples of present and forthcoming programs from Living Earth and affiliated organizations that address one of more of 14 aspects addressed by the Symposium.

John will include our Understanding China Program and Papers, Youth Dialogues, Sharing from the Heart, the Earth Crisis Support Groups cosponsored with Rev. Bonnie Tarwater and the Church for Our Common Home Counseling Center,  a new Earthist Community Action Network we are initiating, and an Untrolling Project project from Rev. Dr. Thandeka and Jennifer Jennings of Universal Connections.

We are inviting every other organization affiliated with John Cobb that resonates with any aspect of the Symposium and that would like to have John Cobb include a Call To Action and or one or more resources from your organization as positive answers to the main question of “What Can We Do? to participate with us in these programs .

To learn more about the Symposium, all of the partners, sponsors, participants, and ongoing opportunities for participating in and presenting your programs and resources through positive, meaningful, and uplifting programs, please attend the Orientation session Awakening to Humanity’s Sacred Mission Symposium — Public Assembly Friday February 2nd 4pm EST —https://unity-earth.zoom.us/j/6060001111/

Jon Ramer has utilized Chat GPT to help identify the major aspects the symposium addresses and the 4 main categories of the framework

Jon Ramer shares the response he generated from Chat GPT by asking "How will we know when humanity is awakened?"

Designing a symposium focused on identifying the signs, indicators, and measures of humanity's awakening and coming together is a profound and valuable endeavor. Here's a list of potential measures and indicators that could signify this awakening

  1. Global Collaboration and Peace Initiatives: Increased international cooperation in addressing global challenges such as climate change, poverty, and conflict resolution.

  2. Reduction in Conflict and Violence: A noticeable decrease in wars, internal conflicts, and community violence, as well as reduced spending on military and defense.

  3. Equitable Distribution of Resources: More equitable distribution of wealth and resources, reduced income disparity, and enhanced access to basic needs like food, water, healthcare, and education for all.

  4. Sustainable Environmental Practices: Widespread adoption of sustainable and regenerative practices in agriculture, industry, and daily life. A significant shift towards renewable energy sources and a decrease in carbon emissions and pollution levels.

  5. Cultural and Social Inclusivity: Greater acceptance and celebration of cultural, racial, and gender diversity. Reduction in discrimination and systemic inequalities.

  6. Global Health Improvements: Universal access to healthcare, a decrease in global health disparities, and significant advancements in treating and preventing diseases.

  7. Educational Advancement and Access: Universal access to quality education and a shift in educational paradigms to include holistic, inclusive, and life-long learning approaches.

  8. Technological and Scientific Innovation for Good: Technology and science are used ethically and responsibly to address human needs and environmental challenges.

  9. Increased Civic Engagement and Participatory Governance: Higher levels of public participation in democratic processes, community decision-making, and civic activities.

  10. Psychological and Spiritual Growth: A global shift towards mindfulness, emotional intelligence, compassion, and a deeper sense of interconnectedness among people.

  11. Resilience and Adaptability: Communities and societies demonstrate increased resilience and adaptability to changes and challenges, whether they be environmental, economic, or social.

  12. Art and Creative Expression: A flourishing of arts and creative expression that reflects diverse cultures and perspectives and fosters a sense of global community and empathy.

  13. Transparency and Accountability in Leadership: Increased accountability, transparency, and integrity in political, corporate, and organizational leadership.

  14. Solidarity Movements and Activism: Growth in movements and activism focused on social justice, environmental sustainability, and human rights.

    When members of the Living Earth Movement reviewed these 14 areas, we recognized many ways that one or more of the programs LEM and other John Cobb affiliated organizations are directly engaged in providing relevant programs and positive resources for just about every one of the 14 areas. How many of the 14 aspects are you involved with?

This uniquely inspired online global event is primarily dedicated to hosting the vision of Ervin Laszlo and his powerful call to “Awakening Humanity’s Sacred Mission.” The international Symposium is a collaboration produced by UNITY EARTH in deep partnership with the Source of Synergy Foundation, Laszlo Institute, The Holomovement, Unify, Light on Light, SINE Network, Humanity’s Team, Good of the Whole and other global organizations.

The Symposium is far more than just a few online zoom sessions as the Harvesting Diagram illustrates. The Symposium will have two sessions each day for three days (February9-11), to cover all time zones. Both sessions on any single day will cover the same daily theme with a variety of speakers. There is also a Harvest Day with two sessions a week later on February 18thto follow up and follow through for the audience and speakers.

Attendees/participants are invited to participate in one session each day including the harvest day in order to complete attendance at the Symposium.They are not expected to attend both sessions on any given day but may if they so choose.
Session 1 times 10 am EDT – 1pm EDT / 4pm CET – 7 CET
Session 2 times 6pm EDT – 9 pm EDT / 10am AEDT – 1pm AEDT

Each session of three hours consists of 90 minutes of broadcast quality content featuring thought-leaders, academic content, and panel presentations, followed by 90 minutes of facilitated audience reflection, shared experience, breakout sessions, and commitment harvesting.

For the last two years UNITY EARTH has convened two successful online Symposiums bringing together like-minded organizations and individuals from around the world to explore “what is next” for our global network of evolutionary organizations. In 2024, they’re taking the Symposium to a next level as a collaborative event between many global partner organizations. Unity Earth produces several major events each year including World Unity Week and Peace Week and each event provide opportunities for individuals and organizations to share presentations, which Living Earth has actively participated in, most frequently with John Cobb as the presenter.

Purpose Earth is the Primary Sponsor of the Symposium and the following organizations are the major partners

Our Next Living Earth Youth Dialogue Is On February 16

In this dialogue, Lin Tao will share her experiences of interviewing over 20 young individuals who returned to rural life from mainland China, Taiwan, and other overseas countries between 2018 and 2020. The project began with her personal exploration of reimagining modern urban existence. Through encounters with other urban and rural returnees, Lin Tao reflects on her own journey as a rural-raised individual, witnessing the decline of rural communities, left of young people alongside the allure of urbanization. During her time in Taiwan, she encountered a burgeoning movement of youth returning to the land, embracing a "half farm, half X" lifestyle in pursuit of a more harmonious connection with nature. Could this lifestyle serve as a blueprint for a new generation, integrating ecology, economy, and livelihood into a truly sustainable model?

How Do You Define Ecological Civilization and What Will It Be Like To Live in One?

John Cobb is inviting the Living Earth Movement volunteers, especially those helping with our Understanding China Program and you, to share your definition and vision for Ecological Civilization. Please send your inspiring and insightful answers to us at livingearthmovement@gmail.com  

the We deeply appreciate your participation in Living Earth Movement!  Please contact me anytime I may be of any possible assistance at 760-212-9931  or charlesbetterton@gmail.com. Thank you for your participation and support!

Charles Betterton, MSCED

Gratefully Serving as Executive Director

PS. Over 1,500 members of the organizations producing, partnering with, sponsoring and or promoting this Symposium that have a combined audience of well over 4 ,000,000 participants are members of the ONE World Mighty Network. If you resonate, you're invited to Discover ONE World: A Deep Beloved Community of Networks where over 1,500 Individuals and Interconnected Communities Unite to Make a Global, Synergized Impact and Invite You To Share Your Mission for 2024 https://bit.ly/oneworldnetwork