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Announcing A Last Minute Opportunity for John Cobb and our Dear Friend Rev. Becky Suzik to Participate in the Beloved Community Convergence of The 40 Days Honoring MLK

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Thanks to Jon Ramer and Sommer Joy  Ramer, cofounders of Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest and SINE Network and Rev. Becky Suzik of JoyFuel, John Cobb has been invited to share a presentation during this weekend’s closing Beloved Community Convergence of a 40 Day Program Honoring Dr. Martin Luther, King, Jr. Please join us if you are interested and can attend on such short notice. I believe the programs will be recorded and if they are, I will provide access when available.

The presentation will be Saturday morning, February 24th from 11:00 to 11:55am PST. The Zoom link is https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89846571811

Charles Betterton  

Comments from John Cobb

For Jesus, how we relate to our enemies is the most  distinctive mark of his message.  The twentieth century person who picked this up was a Hindu, Mahatma Gandhi. His work caught the attention of Martin Luther King.  These two men impress me as authentic disciples of Jesus.  Astonishingly, both were remarkably successful. They should be widely followed, but most people do not find it practical to love their enemies and teach others to do so.

The experience of Blacks in the United States, long as slaves, but then as segregated, impoverished,  and bullied labor provided millions of reasons for resentment and anger toward Whites.  If I had their heritage, I suspect that if I came from their experience, I would rejoice in all the suffering we Southern Whites, in our turn, have brought on ourselves. I would probably add to it when I could.. But recent history is not cluttered with incidents of Black revenge.  On the contrary many Blacks seem to wish us well. We trust them  with  much of the care of our young children.  How fortunate we are that their leader has taught them to love us in spite of everything.  How wonderful that they learned from a truly great teacher.

John Cobb  

Because Rev. Becky is Such a Blessing and ALWAYS So Helpful, I Am Sharing Her Full Bio In Case She Is Able To Be Of Service To You

Rebecca J. Suzik is a social entrepreneur, community builder, interfaith minister and creativity activist focused on healing and transformation through expressive arts and storytelling. She conducts in-person and Zoom-based playshops that activate creativity and delve into personal narratives, exploring the intersections of people’s gifts and their pursuit of a purpose-filled life.

Becky received a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication with an emphasis of Broadcast Journalism, and received a minor in vocal performance. She spent over twenty years in corporate communications and operated her own public relations and marketing agency. She experienced a profound shift around the responsibility and power of intentional messaging and content generation that led to her current company Joyfuel -- a mixed-media unforce disseminating programs and Zoom-based media focused on peace building, and the amplification of stories from people and organizations less often heard from in traditional media.

Since World UNITY Week 2020, Joyfuel has collaborated globally with individuals and organizations dedicated to uplifting, unifying,and healing humanity and the Earth. Becky co-produces global online convergences, training and supporting thousands of people through World UNITY Week, Peace Week, MLK Days of Service and Enlightening Our Way Together, collaborating with SINE Network, WE the World, Compassion Games and Unity Earth and many other organizations committed to unity, beauty, wisdom, and sacred listening.

In 2022, Becky received ordination in Interfaith and Interspiritual ministry from One Spirit Learning Alliance in New York. She is a youth religious educator, promoting spiritual awareness among children of all ages in her community. She is an experienced talking circle facilitator and enjoys supporting individuals and families through the co-creation of rituals and ceremonies honoring grief, joy and change.

Becky takes a unique approach to financing using a gift economy spectrum. She supports and depends on the community she serves,prioritizing humans beyond money, using money as an expression of gratitude and love. To reciprocate please visit www.patreon.com/Joyfuel

With a roar of love Becky invites YOU to collaborate a new story for humanity where sacred listening, emotional honesty, the safe expression of grief and joy, kindness, and creativity shine and guide the way. Rev. Becky’s email is


We deeply appreciate your participation in Living Earth Movement!  Please contact me anytime I may be of any possible assistance at 760-212-9931  or charlesbetterton@gmail.com. Thank you for your participation and support!

Charles Betterton, MSCED with John Cobb, February 16, 2024

Gratefully Serving as Executive Director for The Living Earth Movement Center for U.S. China Cooperation, Peace, and Climate Solutions

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