Newsletter August 20, 2023


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Please join us for our monthly Living Earth Movement meeting on Thursday August 24th from 1:00 to 2:30pm PDT with John Perkins, John Cobb, and Jon Ramer. This week we have an extraordinary opportunity to explore the correlation between focusing on climate solutions and working toward a Life Economy rather than a Death Economy. Best-selling author John Perkins will discuss that exciting and timely priority he and a new Evolutionary Leaders Synergy Circle are exploring and share excerpts from his new book CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC HITMAN: 3RD EDITION

Jon Ramer, cofounder of Compassion Games Survival of the Kindest and the SINE Network, will share details on how individuals and organizations can participate in meaningful programs including 99 Days of Peace Through Unity. That begins each year with World Unity Week in June and ends with Peace Week in September. Supplemental resources and opportunities are available for ongoing “Radical Collaboration” through the ONE World Mighty Network that Jon will introduce.

“The future lies in transforming the Death Economy into a Life Economy that cleans up pollution, regenerates devastated ecosystems, recycles, and develops technologies that restore resources and that benefit, rather than ravage, the environment. The Life Economy leads to an Ecological Civilization. Businesses that pay returns to investors who invest in an economy that is itself a renewable resource become the success stories.”… John Perkins

Time: August  24, 2023 1:00 –2:30 pm PDT
Meeting ID: 868 1975 6431

World UNITY Week is an annual FREE, online 8-day event embracing the mid-year Solstice, Yoga Day, UN Refugee Day, World Peace & Prayer Day and a vast array of interconnected global content. World UNITY Week launches the 99 Days of Peace through Unity culminating in Peace Week in September.

Several presentations on organizations affiliated with John Cobb were featured during World Unity Week 2022 and 2023 and Peace Week 2022. Links to recordings of a few of the main presentations are available at

Anyone who is interested can learn how participation in these programs can reach and serve more people world-wide and in the process help them learn about our organizations and programs.  Recordings of many of the main presentations from Peace Week 2022 are available at

"What is so true about World Unity Week and then arcing that forward to Peace Week is that Peace through Unity is very significant. There is this very ancient ageless wisdom that comes forward that peace through unity leads to prosperity, to regeneration for all life. It forms a triangle, a very specific triangle, Peace through Unity, that has spirit at the center. This is again from timeless wisdom from eons ago in the Upanishads, etc. but in a very practical sense." -- Avon Mattison, co-founder of Pathways to Peace


Peace Week 2023 runs from September 16th through 23rd and embraces the International Day of Peace (IDP) celebrated globally on September21. Peace Week also represents the closing arc of the 99 Days of Peace through Unity.

The IDP represents a remarkable milestone in our global pursuit of harmony. Since the first commemoration in 1982, the IDP has been observed annually around the world. Since the UN resolution in 2001, September 21st stands as a permanent date dedicated to this momentous occasion. As we embark on Peace Week, encompassing a stunning diverse range of events, Thursday, September 21st,will be our collective high point.

This year, Peace Week 2023 resonates with the resounding voices of peace worldwide, uniting diverse peace events that take place during September. A collaborative endeavor, it brings together international organizations, grassroots leaders, and global networks, amplifying the impact of their actions. Now is the time for extraordinary efforts, as we stand united to express how we, collectively, shape the foundation of a lasting global culture of peace.

Within Peace Week 2023, we are provided with an inclusive platform where each and every one of us can contribute to the shared vision of a New Earth that is a blessing for all. This initiative welcomes a myriad of opportunities to unite the myriad inspiring endeavors that propel the momentum of people-powered peace building. It is a time to recognize that we all have a role to play in fostering peace, and our diverse contributions come together to create a powerful field of intention and action.

Let us embrace Peace Week 2023 as a catalyst for change, where we celebrate the achievements of the past four decades while renewing our commitment to building a peaceful future. Through collaboration, dialogue, and compassionate action, we can forge a world where peace prevails and humanity flourishes. Together, we have the ability to shape history and leave a lasting legacy of peace for generations to come.

PEACE WEEK 2023 and Local/State Programs

There are thousands, if not tens of thousands of events worldwide that celebrate International Peace Day and or Peace Week. While we at Living Earth Movement encourage everyone to participate in local and regional events whenever possible, especially those that are live and interactive, our organization is proud and grateful to serve as a coconvenor for this global Peace Week initiative brought forth by many collaborating organizations.  

This year John Cobb will again share a couple of programs related to peace during Peace Week including our various programs for encouraging cooperation and Understanding between Americans and Chinese. We will invite the youth participating in the Living Earth Sharing from the Heart Youth Dialogues to develop and deliver presentations for Peace Week.

We also invite you to consider sharing one or more presentations from you and or your organization. Programs can be live or recorded, or a combination from 25 to 115 minutes

What could YOU and your organization share during Peace Week 2023?

EARTHwise Partnership Alliance for a Planetary Civilization

Living Earth Movement is a partner in the EARTHwise Partnership Alliance and we invite you to learn about the organization and its activities. If your organization, project, or network might like to join this Partnership Alliance and work with the EARTHwise Constitution, please get in touch with them.

Hope and Unity are critical to our ability to envision and create the future we dream of.  

For anyone who may be interested in a deeper exploration into hope, we are sharing some resources introduced on Day 9 of Humanity Rising. "Hope and Unity are critical to our ability to envision and create the future we dream of. We hope that this Living Room Conversation will inspire people to have their own conversations on all of the gifts that Anita Sanchez describes in her book The Four Sacred GiftsForgiveness- Healing - Unity - Hope"

The free PDF download of the Hope Conversation Guide that includes thought provoking questions and exercises like the following examples is available at

  • What are your hopes and concerns for your family, community and/or the country?

  • How do you experience hope? What do you have hope for?

  • What have you seen as the benefits or dangers of hoping or having a dream for something to get better?

  • Have you experienced a personal or collective sense of hope in action? What happened?

  • Where do you struggle to feel hopeful? What is the impact of that in your life?

  • What has happened when your hope and trust in your vision or dream is different than what other people, or the facts, told you to believe?

Speaking of HOPE, More Valuable Resources on a Life Economy are Available from the Institute for Ecological Civilization which states on their home page “We specialize in HOPE. “

Please visit their website for information on Conversations for a Life Economy and you can download the Conversations for a Life Economy Toolkit from Reboot the Future and the Institute for Ecological Civilization.

Thank you for your interest and participation in the Living Earth Movement! We invite you to Become Involved at the highest possible level in whatever area or areas are of greatest interest to you.

Please also help support our 501 (C)(3) organization with your time, energy, and donations by credit or debit card via Donor Box, mail us a check, or donate stock via Stock Donator.  Feel free to contact me anytime I may be of any possible assistance at 760-212-9931 or at

Charles Betterton, MSCED

Executive Director