Newsletter September 13th, 2023


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We have several exciting opportunities coming up this month beginning with the next Youth Dialogues Sharing from the Heart program this Friday, September 15th, an Earth Crisis Support Group meeting as our monthly meeting on September 21st, and several programs being offered through Peace Week 2023 with John Cobb and other Living Earth Movement participants. Please read on for more details and stay tuned for an update early next week.

Living Earth Youth Dialogue

Mythbeings, Hyperobjects, and the Phenomenology of Pilgrimage

Friday,September 15, 2023 from 6:00–7:30 pm PDT

Here's the event page with full details:

Experience the new Earth Crisis Support Groups during the September 21st Living Earth Movement Monthly Meeting

You are invited to experience an Earth Crisis Support Group and Potluck Party (ECSG) at the monthly Zoom Living Earth Movement meeting Thursday, September 21, 1 pm. John Cobb and Bonnie Tarwater came up with this idea while John worked on his most recent book, Confessions. John invited Bonnie to write the last chapter and appendix, the guidelines for these support groups.

Over the summer we have begun a local group in Oregon,New York and one is beginning in San Diego in October. Would you like to begin a group or join one? Come check out how they work. We will run the ECSG on Zoom just like we would in a local setting.  I love eating together in person and this is the time during the ECSG that we plan actions and organize together, share news sources, ideas, and stories of hope. Please bring a sandwich or something to snack on and we will actually eat together. Eating together is a powerful bonding experience and it makes any gathering more fun.

You are also invited to eat while we are together as well as bring a virtual potluck dish that you can describe to all of us. ECSG’s gather a group of 6-8 people in  peoples homes and we share a potluck party together. We will read out loud the guidelines and actually practice the kind of sharing we do.

Everyone shares for about five minutes two different times around the circle.

First, everyone shares how they are feeling and what is going on with us personally.  The second time around we share how we are feeling and our thoughts about our understanding of  what is happening in the world, the threat of nuclear war, ecological catastrophes etc.  These groups draw upon three small support group models including medical and psychological support groups, Twelve Step meetings and the early Christian church.

Like any support group, we share our similar circumstances, feelings and experiences and naturally develop bonds of closeness that we do not feel so all alone in our challenges. Like a Twelve Step meeting we share written guidelines at each meeting. This enables anyone to be able to volunteer to lead a meeting and enables newcomers to understand the procedures as well as encourages every group to join the ECSG network for a worldwide movement – a Living Earth Movement!  

Together our local groups that join in global actions together. Like the early Christian church that grew rapidly, we meet in people’s homes and always share a meal together. Every crisis is an invitation for spiritual growth.  These local ECSG’s ideally meet weekly and create local community and close relationships.

We are facing the worst existential crisis the human family has ever known living during the 6th extinction of life on earth -  the only one created by us humans. Most of us live in denial. We do not have enough places to share our feelings and thoughts about our escalating planetary crisis. Too often we fall into paralysis.

Guess what? WE DO NOT HAVE TO BE ALONE. These groups are fun, and while we eat together we plans actions in the world, share reliable news sources, and in between meetings we call and give and receive support. The world has gone mad so hey let’s have a party, share deeply about how we are feeling and create close relationships and loving local community and get to work!  We thank the Living Earth Movement  for being our cosponsor!

Bonnie Tarwater
Contact me if you have any questions, ideas, potluck recipes or want to join or begin an ECSG,  (858) 248-5123,,

PEACE WEEK 2023 and Local/State Programs

There are thousands, if not tens of thousands of events worldwide that celebrate International Peace Day and or Peace Week. We at Living Earth Movement encourage everyone to participate in local and regional events whenever possible, especially those that are live and interactive. At the same time we are proud and grateful to serve as a coconvener for this global Peace Week initiative brought forth by many collaborating organizations.  

This year John Cobb will again share a couple of programs related to peace during Peace Week including our various programs for encouraging cooperation and Understanding between Americans and Chinese. We have also invited the youth participating in the Living Earth Sharing from the Heart Youth Dialogues to develop and deliver presentations for Peace Week.

Following is a Plenary Event with Audrey Kitagawa.  Stay tuned for more details early next week of additional Peace Week programs.

A Few Examples of Our Previous Programs with John Cobb and Friends on World Unity Week and Peace Week are Available Here

Thank you for your interest in the Living Earth Movement! We invite you to Become Involved and participate at the highest possible level in whatever area or areas are of greatest interest to you.  Please also help support our 501 (C)(3) organization with your time, energy, and donations by credit or debit card via Donor Box, mail us a check, or donate stock via Stock Donator.  Feel free to contact me anytime I may be of any possible assistance at 760-212-9931 or at

Charles Betterton, MSCED

Executive Director