Newsletter 18th September, 2023 – Main Focus: Peace Week


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We have new opportunities for your active participation this week beginning with the Earth Crisis Support Group meeting as our monthly meeting on September 21st. There are also several programs being offered through Peace Week 2023 with John Cobb, John Perkins, Audrey Kitagawa, Charles Betterton and other Living Earth Movement participants including YOU!

Experience the New Earth Crisis Support Groups As Our
September 21st Living Earth Movement Monthly Meeting

You are invited to experience an Earth Crisis Support Group and Potluck Party (ECSG) at the monthly Zoom Living Earth Movement meeting Thursday, September 21, 1 pm. John Cobb and Bonnie Tarwater came up with this idea while John worked on his most recent book, Confessions. John invited Bonnie to write the last chapter and appendix, the guidelines for these support groups.

Over the summer we have begun a local group in Oregon,New York and one is beginning in San Diego in October. Would you like to begin a group or join one? Come check out how they work. We will run the ECSG on Zoom just like we would in a local setting.  I love eating together in person and this is the time during the ECSG that we plan actions and organize together, share news sources, ideas, and stories of hope. Please bring a sandwich or something to snack on and we will actually eat together. Eating together is a powerful bonding experience and it makes any gathering more fun.

You are also invited to eat while we are together as well as bring a virtual potluck dish that you can describe to all of us. ECSG’s gather a group of 6-8 people in  peoples homes and we share a potluck party together. We will read out loud the guidelines and actually practice the kind of sharing we do.

Everyone shares for about five minutes two different times around the circle.

First, everyone shares how they are feeling and what is going on with us personally.  The second time around we share how we are feeling and our thoughts about our understanding of  what is happening in the world, the threat of nuclear war, ecological catastrophes etc.  These groups draw upon three small support group models including medical and psychological support groups, Twelve Step meetings and the early Christian church.

Like any support group, we share our similar circumstances, feelings and experiences and naturally develop bonds of closeness that we do not feel so all alone in our challenges. Like a Twelve Step meeting we share written guidelines at each meeting. This enables anyone to be able to volunteer to lead a meeting and enables newcomers to understand the procedures as well as encourages every group to join the ECSG network for a worldwide movement – a Living Earth Movement!  

Together our local groups that join in global actions together. Like the early Christian church that grew rapidly, we meet in people’s homes and always share a meal together. Every crisis is an invitation for spiritual growth.  These local ECSG’s ideally meet weekly and create local community and close relationships.

We are facing the worst existential crisis the human family has ever known living during the 6th extinction of life on earth -  the only one created by us humans. Most of us live in denial. We do not have enough places to share our feelings and thoughts about our escalating planetary crisis. Too often we fall into paralysis.

Guess what? WE DO NOT HAVE TO BE ALONE. These groups are fun, and while we eat together we plans actions in the world, share reliable news sources, and in between meetings we call and give and receive support. The world has gone mad so hey let’s have a party, share deeply about how we are feeling and create close relationships and loving local community and get to work!  We thank the Living Earth Movement  for being our cosponsor!

Thursday, September 21, 1:00 to 2:30 pm PDT

Bonnie Tarwater
Contact me if you have any questions, ideas, potluck recipes or want to join or begin an ECSG,  (858) 248-5123,,

Check Out All the Free Programs During the 8 Days of Peace Week

This year John Cobb will again share a couple of programs related to peace during Peace Week including our programs for encouraging cooperation and Understanding between Americans and Chinese.

Following is a Plenary Event with Audrey Kitagawa and the main program with John Cobb, John Perkins, and Charles Betterton on Friday.

Living Earth Movement founding members John B. Cobb, Jr., John Perkins, and Charles Betterton will share a presentation on why the LEM’s priority mission is encouraging cooperation between the U.S. and China.  They will describe how the organization came into existence, share their goals and strategies, and discuss how those relate to Peace Week.

Dr. Cobb, 98, author of 50+ books including the 50th anniversary edition of IS IT TOO LATE? A Theology of Ecology, will also share his vision of A Peaceful World As A Community of Communities.

The mission of the Living Earth Movement is twofold. The short-term priority is to get the U.S. and China to cooperate for the sake of all life on this planet. Without their full and joint participation, the necessary changes will not be made in time. However, with their joint leadership, virtually all nations will follow.

The second and equally important priority is to promote the foundations for a new kind of civilization in which humans would learn to value and cooperate with the rest of the ecosphere. We need a world in which humans understand themselves as part of a living earth community. We call this an ecological civilization.

Recent developments include monthly Youth Dialogues with American and Chinese Sharing from the Heart and weekly meetings of the Understanding China program that is developing a series of papers to help Americans better understand Chinese people, culture, and government.

Peace Week Event with John Cobb, John Perkins, and Charles Betterton
DATE & Time: Friday, September 22, 4 to 5:30 pm EDT 1:00 to 2:30 PDT

Meeting ID: 824 0969 6342

INFINITE PEACE PREVAILS Within, Among, and Between All Earthlings, Every Living Thing, and Our Shared Home Planet Earth with Rev. Dr. Christina Tillotson and Charles Betterton

The session will include a video of the song Earth by David Roth, discussion on how the Peace On Earth by 2030 Game and Peace On Earth Zones developed by David Gershon could lead to a global Peace Movement as envisioned by John B. Cobb, Jr.  and a brief introduction to the New Paradigm Institute for Preparing Humanity for the Implications of Extra-Terrestrial Consciousness.  

Then Rev. Dr. Christina Tillotson will lead an Affirmative Prayer, also known as a Spiritual Mind Treatment within the Science of Mind Philosophy. This moment of collective consciousness aims to reveal and nurture world peace and will be followed with open discussion.

This Infinite Peace Prevails concept partly evolved out of comments John Perkins has made about how the people and nations on Earth would likely come together in greater ways if we knew other worlds existed and the establishment of the New Paradigm Institute for Preparing Humanity for the  Implications of Extra-Terrestrial Consciousness that Jim Garrison of Humanity Rising will manage. Each day this week Humanity Rising is featuring special programs with David Gershon and other leaders of the Peace On Earth Game

Infinite Peace Prevails Event
Thursday, September 21 1:00 to 1:25 EDT 10:00 to 10:25 PDT

Thank you for your interest in the Living Earth Movement! We invite you to Become Involved and participate at the highest possible level in whatever area or areas are of greatest interest to you.  Please also help support our 501 (C)(3) organization with your time, energy, and donations by credit or debit card via Donor Box, mail us a check, or donate stock via Stock Donator.  Feel free to contact me anytime I may be of any possible assistance at 760-212-9931 or at

Charles Betterton, MSCED

Executive Director