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Recent Interviews
Here is a sampling of recent media interviews with members of our organizing committee and outstanding interviews with other ecological leaders.
Humanity Rising: Day 524 "Touching the Jaguar: Transforming Fear into Positive Action "
Dr. John Cobb discusses how shamans understand that we change reality by altering our mindsets, our dreams — our perceptions.
Climate Glen Podcast with Nick Breeze- Interview with Dr. John Cobb
Dr. Cobb talks about the need for U.S-China cooperation for climate change, and the Living Earth Movement.
KPCW - Park City NPR - Mountain Money Interview with Dr. John Cobb
Dr. Cobb talks about the need for international cooperation on climate change and other urgent ecological issues.
Pieces of Earth Interview with Dr. John Cobb
Dr. Cobb speaks with about the Living Earth Movement's launch, goals and how others can get involved.
Sir David King on Heatwaves, Action & Activism: "No one will escape"
The current heatwave in India and Pakistan sets the scene for this ClimateGenn episode, speaking with Climate Crisis Advisory Group Chair, Professor Sir David King about their new report on what we must do to have the best chance of averting climate and ecological collapse.
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Movement Launch & Dr. Cobb Birthday Celebration
Honeybees where have you gone?
Without you, sustainable sustaining foods
From farms won’t travel on …

No squash and peas without honeybees
No pumpkins for Halloween
No apple and sweet potato pies for Thanksgiving

Tomatoes won’t be without the bee
No parties with pizza pies
No garlic marinara sauce

No blue berries and black berries without honeybees
No peaches, pears, and plum puddings
No crunching carrots, snapping beans, sizzling stir-fries

No vitamin dense broccoli, kale, and spinach without the bees
No sweet, cooling watermelons, lemonades, red or green grapes
No black bean burgers, smooth or lumpy guacamole

Honeybees exclaim with urgency
“To save your children and mine
from famine – globally – don’t hesitate.
Grow pollinator-friendly plants like yellowed-eye daisies,
Red-berried dogwoods, and pink apple-blossoms.”

Help the planet breathe boosting bee-friendly foods.
Helen Peterson
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