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We invite you to help us launch an exciting new program, SHARING FROM THE HEART Planting Seeds of Hope!

This is an initiative of the Living Earth MovementInstitute for Postmodern Development of China, and Cobb Institute in which youth from China and the United States share the “seeds of hope” they are planting in their local settings.

Once a month, beginning December 2, 2022, young people ages 18-35 from China or the United States will briefly share seeds of hope they are planting and get feedback from friends near and far. They will talk about food, poetry, gardening, solutions for the climate crisis, or life itself. Along the way, they will converse with John B. Cobb, Jr., age 97, a pioneer in seed planting for an Ecological Civilization.

The first Sharing From The Heart event will be December  2, 2022, 6:00 – 7:00 pm Pacific

ID: 874 3010 8561
PASSCODE: 329254

Following are a few more paragraphs about the first event and two images from the promotional materials with all the details.

A younger generation is planting seeds of hope for a new and different kind of world: an ecological civilization. Sharing From the Heart is an initiative in which, once a month, young people from China and the United States share the seeds they are planting in their local settings.

SPEAKER: Wenwen Xie

Wenwen graduated from the Cobb Eco-Academy, Sunshine Ecovillage, China. Born and raised in a small village in Sichuan, China, Wenwen lived and worked for four years in Singapore after college. In 2015 she started a backpacking adventure around the world, including living in nature with 300 people and, became a vegetarian in Albania, Learning Vipassana meditation in India. Her studies at the Cobb Eco-Academy helped her develop a passion for serving the living earth and gradually gained her inner peace
in Eastern wisdom and a constructive postmodern worldview or process-relational thinking.

RESPONDENTS: Clara Kilburn & Andrew MacIver

Clara Kilburn is a third-year student at Pomona College studying Chinese. She is passionate about joint advocacy between Chinese and American youth to speak against the respective countries government’s hostility towards full collaboration to conquer climate change. She recently joined YOUNGO, the youth constituency of the UNFCCC, to connect with like-minded Chinese youth.

Andrew MacIver is an anthropological archaeologist finishing his doctoral dissertation at the University of California, Los Angeles. Andrew is deeply committed to studying socio-ecological dynamics through archaeological research. He aims to use his research on past societies and environments to creatively and collaboratively address today’s pressing environmental issues.

We are grateful to our newest member of the U.S. China Committee, Xinlin, who will be answering inquiries at +1 516 309 0124. She will be introduced in another issue of the newsletter. Please share this information with anyone who may be interested.

Sharing from the Heart Details

The first event will be December  2, 2022, 6:00 – 7:00 pm Pacific

ZOOM ACCESS LINK:  ID: 874 3010 8561
PASSCODE: 329254

Sharing from the Heart - Planting Seeds of Hope - Outline - The Living Earth Movement

Zhihe Wang, who participates on the U.S. China Committee, suggested the new Sharing From the Heart program. John Cobb established the small group a few weeks ago to explore ways Living Earth might progress toward our primary goals.

We invite you to share your suggestions for programs and resources we could offer to help accomplish our LEM vision and mission. As I mentioned in our previous newsletter, we think you will enjoy this exciting new interactive program. So please do share the invitation to participate as widely as possible.

Thank you for your participation in the Living Earth Movement!

Charles Betterton, Executive Director, Living Earth Movement

Charles Betterton, MSCED

Executive Director

For Enquiries, Use the Form at the Botton of the Post