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Sharing Some Exciting News Including An Advance Introduction to A U.S. China Committee for A Livable World

Dear Reader,

     This publication gives us a chance to share our deepest concerns with one another.  My deepest concern is that the Earth remains habitable and that all nations recognize that the health of the Earth is their highest priority.  If the nations of the world gave priority to thinking how to meet human needs in a sustainable way, I believe it could still be done. 

      The policies of all nations matter; but the policies of the two most powerful nations, the two largest economies, the two countries responsible for the most pollution, the two countries with the largest numbers of citizens focused on questions of sustainability, matter most.  I came to the conclusion some years ago that the most promising step that humans could take now would be to get the United States and China to recognize their importance.  If they treat each other as enemies, the surface of the Earth will continue to deteriorate.  If they both accepted their individual responsibility for the health of the planet, many other nations would join them.  Our planet could still have a rich future,especially for its human participants. 

      We created the Living Earth Movement especially to bring these two nations to support a joint effort.  We thought a group of twelve to twenty informed and imaginative thinkers from these two countries, fully supported in independent thinking by the governments of these two countries as well as many international organizations could come up with genuinely promising proposals and a vision of a sustainable, habitable world. Perhaps Zhihe can recommend some American visionaries who are trusted and appreciated by leaders in China.

      Sadly, the relations between these two countries deteriorated badly.  The Living Earth Movement has plenty to do, but the overall condition of the surface of the Earth is rapidly worsening. 

     Maybe, just maybe, with a little encouragement from some of us, a group can come into existence to give voice to the most promising vision humans can produce of a healthy Earth to guide us, and maybe, just maybe, humans will decide that the habitability of the Earth is more important than just who profits most from what.  Maybe, just maybe, competition will not be about who is boss but about who can best guide human behavior for the future. 

     We hope that Zhihe Wang can take the lead in selecting and inviting Chinese thinkers.  He has given me some encouragement.  In my judgment we need his help with respect to the American members also.  The Chinese have suffered from American sponsored groups who take the occasion to blast China's government-centered society. If the Chinese government senses that we plan to use its tolerance to denigrate China's political and economic system, there is little likelihood that we can accomplish anything.  In fact, however, the greatest changes will have to come in the United States.

      There is a possibility that despite its noninvolvement officially, the Chinese government will be influenced. If they unofficially suggest participants to Zhihe, they may also follow what they do.  I trust they will encourage the Chinese in the new group to genuinely put first the health of the planet. 

      There is little likelihood of the American government attending to our group's proposals, but in the general public, there is interest in what might prove helpful changes.  If we persuade a good many people that joint proposals of a U.S. Chinese group are promising, they may become a topic of serious discussion that will claim the attention of Congress.They may play a significant role in American politics before very long. 

      I am not announcing that we expect to save the world.  I am stating that I can imagine a sequence of events that would redirect much human energy to what really needs to be done. If we have any chance of success, we might be able to redirect society in a way that improves the chances of a good life for our descendants.  Just a chance, but today a real chance of global salvation is a lot to claim.   

John Cobb, Chairman

PS. A one minute video clip of  John Cobb’s proposal for the U.S. China Committee for a Livable World and access to the recording of the April 4th meeting of the Living Earth Understanding China program are below.  The National Charrette Institute is one of the referenced potential resources.

The Living Earth Movement is once again partnering with the National Committee for U.S. China Relations on a China Town Hall. Please join us! It features U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Dr. Kurt Campbell followed by an online discussion with Dr. John B. Cobb, Jr.  facilitated by Charles Betterton
       Tuesday, April 9th * 6:30 to 8:45pm EDT  *  3:30 to 5:45pm PDT

ZOOM Link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/5459539006?omn=81254858602

Meeting ID: 545 953 9006

Examples of Questions we Have for Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell:

My question for the State Department is whether American global policy might give higher priority to the survival of a healthy planet than to its Unilateral control by the United States. – John Cobb

My questions for the Deputy Secretary are: What is your assessment of the declaration by President Xi to invite 50,000 US students to study in China?  What could we do in response to improve our international exchange?   Might it be possible for our students to study environmental sustainability in China and visit Eco Villages?  Will we be making a reciprocal invitation to Chinese students to study in the US?  -- Bruce Hanson

Latin America faces challenges including a struggle for balanced governance, fairness in business, immigration, and illegal drugs, affecting both the region and the United States. With China's Belt and Road Initiative increasing its influence, there are new foreign relations dynamics.This situation poses both opportunities and challenges for Latin American countries embarking upon a path of their own making. Considering this, is there potential for the United States and China to find common ground in supporting Latin America, such as by lending their respective strengths and resources to empower Latin American countries towards their own vision of betterment?—Tomas Albert

Introducing 2024 Purpose Earth Changemakers

Please support Purpose Earth and their introduction of  2024 Changemakers

On April 16th from 1:00pm- 2:30pm EDT, Purpose Earth, a global grant and mentorship program I’ve been deeply involved in supporting and growing, will host a LIVE online event celebrating its 2024 collective of world-changing projects.  We invite you to help support Purpose Earth and attend their April 16th introduction of the 2024 Changemakers.

I am deeply honored to have been mentioned in their recent newsletter as a Purpose Earth Champion and I appreciate all the many ways Purpose Earth supports us all by funding so many valuable programs including Unity.Earth, World Unity Week, Peace Week, the Holomovement and Holon Projects. That includes our Earthist StewardHeirShip project to share John Cobb’s writings on Earthist and Earthism.  Please join us for the annual Purpose Earth celebration. https://bit.ly/SupportPurposeEarthChangemakers
Thank you! Charles Betterton

You may be interested in this program on the Role of Ecovillages and the Climate Crisis from the Foundation for Intentional Community on April 18.

Join us for the Role of Ecovillages and the Climate Crisis, a special fireside chat where we will unpack what ecovillages are doing now for the climate, how they are engaging with the broader community, and how they can do better in the future. Around the fire will be:

  • Robert Gilman (Context Institute)

  • Lois Arkin (LA Ecovillage)

  • Albert Bates (The Farm)

  • Brandy Gallagher (O.U.R. Ecovillage)

  • Daniel Greenberg (Foundation for Intentional Community)

The conversation will be facilitated by Frederic Laloux, recent member of Ecovillage at Ithaca and Founder of The Week, which offers a free online tool to spark real, emotional conversations about the climate crisis, and what we can do about it as individuals and communities.

Please join us in supporting the Cobb Institute’s Gala  Saturday, April 20th

We live in a world filled with conflicts and crises. But there are also beacons of harmony and hope. Every moment matters in the struggle between suffering and flourishing. At the Cobb Institute, we believe it’s about time to promote visions of transformation. It’s about time to engage in initiatives of innovation. It’s about time to create communities of compassion. It’s about time to build an ecological civilization.

You’re invited to join us for a special gala featuring a group of brilliant thinkers, great leaders, and inspiring artists to envision the possibilities of an ecological civilization and raise funds to help the Cobb Institute realize its mission.  

This event will include a panel discussion with four fascinating individuals who have each made significant contributions in the area of ecological civilization, and performances by three gifted artists whose work exhibits care for our common home. All of the participants will share their unique visions to generate transformation.  Saturday, April 20, 1:00 - 2:30 PM PDT


Who Else Thinks John Cobb’s Legacy Works Warrant A Documentary?

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If you would like to help ensure John Cobb’s legacies are captured in a documentary, please let us know!  Send an email to  Charles Betterton

The purpose of our EARTHIST  Holon Project is to develop programs and publications that help inspire, enable, and empower individuals, organizations, and communities to practice Earth StewardHeirShip.

That will help us be better able to honor, protect, and help regenerate Earth, our shared common home. We are inspired by the relevance of John Cobb's teachings and the Living Earth Movement, their potential to effect a shift in planetary consciousness, and how they could help support the aims of the Holomovement. As part of our project we publish a  Mindful Earthism each day to encourage celebrating Earth Day every day. Details at Earthism.Space.

StewardHeirShip encompasses alignment with Spirit, Service, Stewardship, and Conscious Sustainable Living. Our action project is to publish and produce multimedia content including How-To-Guidebooks based on the work of John B. Cobb, Jr.  Love, especially unconditional love, is central to our vision and mission. We incorporate resources from The Love Foundation and The Love Center in our programs and publications whenever appropriate.

We deeply appreciate your participation in Living Earth Movement!  Please contact me anytime I may be of any possible assistance at 760-212-9931  or charlesbetterton@gmail.com. Thank you for your participation and support!

Charles Betterton, MSCED with John Cobb, February 16, 2024

Gratefully Serving as Executive Director for The Living Earth Movement Center for U.S. China Cooperation, Peace, and Climate Solutions

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