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Please Join Us for An Extraordinary “Radical Collaboration”  with Hereditary Chief Phil Lane, Jr., John B. Cobb, Jr.,  Jon Ramer and Especially YOU this Thursday May 23 from 1 to 2:30pm PDT

Thursday, May 23  1:00-2:30pm PDT Zoom: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/86819756431

Dear Reader,

Many of us feel that it will take a miracle to save us from the destruction of life on our planet. Our resources are declining, and instead of carefully saving and nurturing them, we humans are wasting them in war and preparation for war.  Instead of cooperating in finding ways to live frugally and cooperatively,  we are competing to find ways to prevent others from having access to them. Of course, around the fringes we have seen signs of hope. We think we are contributing some such signs ourselves. We think that we can point away from measuring success in terms of wealth and identifying our shared goal as monetary wealth. Our goal should be planetary health.

We need leaders who touch our hearts deeply and point out to us how we can truly love one another.  We who are Christian recall that Jesus pointed us to love of our enemies as our path to salvation for ourselves. Other traditions are also pointing us to a way ahead.  We often note that there is much wisdom in indigenous traditions.  It is too bad, we have sometimes thought, that indigenous people are not speaking to our current world with the wisdom they have to offer. What we have received from them has been inspiring, but it has also been fragmentary.

And then, Phil Lane,Jr. In the person of this indigenous leader, through many channels, much wisdom can be brought together, many projects can be envisioned, and many new institutions can be actualized.  The wisdom of the indigenous communities can come to new clarity and relevance of expression.  It can bring forward new proposals of action.  It can envision new institutions.  And it can call many people to action.  Perhaps anew leadership can be provided that is widely trusted.  Indigenous people as a whole are not feared.  They have been the victims of the civilized, not the perpetrators of rules and regulations that undercut other forms of economic life and failed to offer alternatives.

Often people burst on the scene with new ideas for human social organization.  Often these have themselves led to violence. Thus far the likely consequences of following Phil Lane seem to fit a nonviolent revolution. Perhaps when they call our other leaders together, they will show us how to make agreements which turn expensive and wasteful competition into efficient and friendship-building cooperation. Thus far this seems to be happening.

Perhaps the current rarity of humanly inspiring political leadership is making space for something different. A miracle? Yes. But if a week or two ago we had predicted what had not yet happened, people would have thought we were crazy, or at least naive. We may have the beginning of a movement which is not simply a matter of new ideas.  It is also new organizations, new institutions, new buildings, new productions. It may also bring creativity into the educational system. It may encourage simple innovations in social organization as well as breakthroughs in advanced sciences.

What is happening already is that many people who would otherwise have good political ideas that they may express occasionally, are now yelling them from the rooftop in ways that generate useful debates and discussions. The movement is an incubator of ideas as well as a stimulus to develop more. The discussion can reach far beyond the specifics. Our organization can certainly pick up on the ideas we initiated.  We hope we will profit from their initiation of discussions that we also favor.

Miracles are not controlled. But when we need one, let's be open to it. If we really have a miracle unfolding, the psychic climate will change. People will be elected because they share optimism and excitement. Maybe, just maybe, there will really be enough change to save the planet from rapid deterioration.  And perhaps Chief Phil Lane, Jr. can help us find our way home together through the Covenant to Unite Humanity and Restore Mother Earth!

John Cobb

This highly successful fundraising campaign continues to support the Indigenous Led and Ally Global Peace Movement that Chief Phil Lane helped bring together and that is still producing significant results as he will share.

Thursday, May 23  1:00-2:30pm PDT https://us06web.zoom.us/j/86819756431

Invitation to Chief Phil Lane, Jr.

Congratulations Chief Phil on the ultimate success of the Four World's Gathering in Palenque.  Those of us participating in several initiatives for international cooperation, unity, peace, and environmental solutions with John Cobb, especially the Living Earth Movement for International Cooperation, Peace, and Climate Solutions, would be deeply honored and grateful if you might be able to make time in your global travel schedules to be our primary presenter for one of our monthly meetings.

We have shared with the leadership of several affiliated organizations your wisdom statement "It is time to Unite Humanity and Restore Mother Earth. The time has come for an Indigenous and Ally-led Global Peace Movement, beginning in the Americas. As Elders said in Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico, where this Movement for Peace was ignited with the Lighting of the 8th Fire on March 21, 2024,  “ What right do we have to go to the home of another relative and tell them how to live when our home is dirty, unhealthy and disintegrating?”

Supplemental Invitation from Members of a Subcommittee: John Perkins; Tomas Albert; Bruce Hanson; David McCreary; and Charles Betterton

At Living Earth, we are committed to fostering an ecological civilization, a goal that resonates deeply with the sustainable and harmonious principles outlined in The Four Worlds Guiding Principles by Chief Phil Lane Jr. We are reaching out to discuss a new initiative aimed at promoting balanced governance and business fairness in Latin America. This effort is particularly focused on addressing the crises currently undermining regional stability and affecting international confidence.

This project marks our first direct engagement in Latin America, expanding on our existing work in ecological civilization practices both in the US and China. Our history of collaborative projects, especially those that have contributed to improving US-China relations and sustainable development, underscores our commitment to meaningful, impactful work. We see this new venture as a continuation of our mission, applying our learning and successes from other regions to the distinct challenges and opportunities in Latin America.

We are eager to collaborate with you, valuing your wisdom and insights as we explore together the best paths forward for a more just and balanced future. We believe that through understanding the specific challenges faced by Indigenous Peoples in relation to governance and business practices, we can identify where Living Earth can make the most significant contributions.
Warm regards,  Tomas Albert

Response from Chief Phil Lane, Jr.

I will be honored to join you on May 23, 2024. Mr. Cobb and the Living Earth Movement are doing great work. I have read through the information you kindly shared, and we are in alignment, especially with the peaceful, relationship-building initiatives with our Chinese relatives.

We have been developing relationships within the People's Republic of China and the Republic of China for almost 25 years.  This is my work with the Help Foundation of the Beijing Women and Children's Development Foundation and the Keynote address given at the Help Foundation's launch in Beijing. This relationship work continues until today within and between the People's Republic of China and the Republic of China.  

With Warm and Loving Greetings,

Brother Phil  

Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr.  Chairperson

Four Worlds International Institute

Compassion Games International

Member~AISES Council of Elders

Co-Founder~United Religion Initiative (URI)

Member~Evolutionary Leaders

Four Worlds Global Impact Fund

Very exciting how life unfolds.  (Follow-up post to Chief Phil’s acceptance note https://oneworld.earth/posts/56931229)

My Master's Degree in Education is based on the Anisa Model, Sanskrit for Tree of Life. The Anisa Model's process view of reality defines the most fundamental characteristic of our physical universe of time and space as change.

In the Anisa Model, change is not a random occurrence but a result of a process. This process is driven by potentiality, which exists in actual and non-actual forms. The translation of potentiality into actuality is the cutting edge of the Universe, an understanding beautifully elucidated in Alfred North White Head's book Process and Reality, a primary textbook in my study of the Anisa Model and of Dr. Cobb,  who I will be visiting with on May 23.

The ANISA education model, developed by my late mentors, Dr. Dan Jordan and Dr. Don Streets, classifies curriculum content into four areas—the physical environment, the human environment, the unknown environment, and the self—-and encourages horizontal integration between content areas. The ANISA model holds that learning involves differentiation, integration, and generalization. The teacher's role is to help the learner achieve process and content goals, thus teaching the child to become a competent learner.

Dr. John B. Cobb Jr., born February 9, 1925, is an American theologian, philosopher, and environmentalist. He is a foremost student of Alfred North Whitehead and a pioneer of process theology. He has significantly contributed to ecological ethics, interfaith dialogue, and the intersection of religion and science. He is the author of numerous books and articles, including “Process Theology as Political Theology,” “Is It Too Late? A Theology of Ecology,” and“For the Common Good: Redirecting the Economy toward Community, the Environment, and a Sustainable Future.”

Dr. Cobb has taught at numerous institutions, including Claremont School of Theology, where he founded the Center for Process Studies. He has also been active in various social and political causes, including civil rights, peace activism,and environmentalism.

Integrating an Indigenous worldview with Alfred North Whitehead's and Dr.Cobb's process philosophy perspectives reveals profound synergies that deepen our understanding of interconnectedness, transformation, and holistic living.

Indigenous philosophies and Whitehead's process philosophy emphasize the fundamental interconnectedness of all things and the dynamic nature of reality. Interconnected Processes and Indigenous Worldviews:Whitehead's assertion that reality consists of interrelated processes aligns seamlessly with the Indigenous perspective that everything in the universe is interconnected.  An Indigenous world view understands our world as a web of relationships, where each entity, whether human, animal, plant, or element, is part of a greater whole.

This holistic view emphasizes that the well-being of one part is intrinsically linked to the well-being of the entire system. This interconnectedness is reflected in practices that honor the land, water, air,and all living beings as relatives, acknowledging the reciprocal relationships that sustain life.

Process Philosophy and Indigenous Wisdom: Whitehead’s process philosophy, posits that reality is defined by relationships and processes rather than static material objects, resonates with Indigenous teachings emphasizing the importance of relationships and the flow of life. The understanding of the cyclical nature of seasons, the life-death-rebirth cycle, and the continual flow of energy and resources within ecosystems are central to Indigenous cultures.   These cycles and flows highlight a dynamic, ever-changing world deeply understood and respected in Indigenous cultures.

The Role of Community and Relationality: In process philosophy, the identity and meaning of any entity are derived from its relationships with others. This mirrors the Indigenous concept of relationality, where identity and purpose are found through connections with family, community, and the natural world.

In Indigenous cultures, community is not limited to humans but includes all beings, emphasizing a shared existence and mutual respect. This perspective encourages an ethical framework that prioritizes the health and harmony of the entire community, extending beyond human society to include Mother Earth and her children.

Ecological Civilization and Environmental Ethics: Whitehead’s and Dr. Cobb's process philosophy has been influential in developing ecological civilization and environmental ethics, which also hold significant importance in Indigenous worldviews.

Indigenous practices have long embodied sustainability principles,  conservation, and respect for Mother Earth. These practices are rooted in a profound understanding of the interconnectedness of all life and the responsibility to maintain balance and harmony within the natural world.

By integrating Whitehead’s insights on the relational nature of processes,modern ecological movements can draw on Indigenous wisdom to create more sustainable and ethical approaches to environmental stewardship.

Transformative Change and Spiritual Connection: Indigenous and process perspectives emphasize the importance of transformation and internal development. Whitehead’s view that reality is a constant process of becoming aligns with Indigenous teachings that stress the need for personal and communal growth, healing, and spiritual development.

In Indigenous cultures, the concept of transformation involves a deep connection to ancestors, spiritual beings, and the natural world. This connection fosters a sense of purpose and direction that guides individuals and communities toward harmony and balance.

Balancing Material and Spiritual Aspects: Whitehead’s and Dr. Cobb's metaphysical system, integrating science, spirituality, and ethics, offers a framework that harmonizes with Indigenous practices of balancing material and spiritual aspects of life.

Indigenous cultures  emphasize integrating spiritual practices and ceremonies with everyday activities, ensuring that actions are guided by amoral foundation and respect for the spiritual dimensions of existence. This holistic approach is essential for fostering community health and ensuring that development is culturally rooted, sustainable, and oriented towards positive outcomes.

Living the Values of Interconnectedness: Living the values of interconnectedness, respect, and reciprocity inspires and leads communal growth in ways that honor Indigenous wisdom and Whitehead’s process philosophy.

This integrated perspective encourages us to see ourselves as integral parts of a more extensive web of life, where our choices and actions have far-reaching consequences. Embracing this worldview will help us create a more just, inclusive, and sustainable future grounded in unity, participation, and the recognition of our shared existence.

Integrating an Indigenous worldview with Alfred North Whitehead’s and Dr.Cobb’s process philosophy offers a rich, holistic framework that emphasizes interconnectedness, relationality, and the dynamic nature of reality.  

This synergy provides valuable insights for addressing contemporary challenges in ecology, community development, and spiritual growth, fostering a deeper understanding of our place within the web of life. This integration recognizes the inherent unity and oneness of process-based science and spirituality.

Brother Phil Lane

Response from John Perkins, Living Earth Organizing Committee

Hi Chief Phil.

Thank you so much for that very eloquent and enlightening article and the connection you make between Indigenous teachings and those of both Whitehead and Dr. Cobb.  I have spent many years living and working with Indigenous cultures in Latin America and been initiated as a shaman into several of them. What I have learned from them is deeply connected with what you say. I think the biggest take-away is the difference between the Indigenous belief that humans are a part of nature and the industrialized world's belief that we are apart from nature.

The idea of inter connectivity is essential to what human beings have believed for most of our 200,000 or so years that we’ve seen ourselves as homo sapiens. It's only been within the blink of an eye, relatively speaking, that large numbers of humans have bought into the concept of human superiority. And of course, that idea essentially gives us permission to do whatever we please regarding all of this Living Earth’s beings. It is time to return to the truth that we are, in fact, an integral part of the world around us.  Thank you so very much for all that you are doing to bring these messages forth and to share your amazing wisdom with so many of us.

With deepest respect and Best wishes,
John Perkins

WORLD UNITY WEEK 2024 – Dancing the Dream

Join us from June 15th to 22nd for a celebration of Unity and Peace. World UNITY Week is an extraordinary, free online event that aligns global observances like the mid-year Solstice, International Yoga Day, and UN Refugee Day with our vibrant tapestry of interconnected groups, organizations, and visionary individuals.

This year, we launch our theme “Dancing the Dream,” inviting you to move in rhythm with a global community aspiring to a harmonious world. Beginning with World UNITY Week and culminating in Peace Week this September, we embark on 99 Days of Peace through Unity. This journey is not just an event—it’s a movement of movements. As we weave through days of inspiration and shared purpose, we are called to embrace Humanity’s Sacred Mission: Uniting Humanity and Restoring Mother Earth.

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The purpose of our EARTHIST  Holon Project is to develop programs and publications that help inspire, enable, and empower individuals, organizations, and communities to practice Earth StewardHeirShip.

That will help us be better able to honor, protect, and help regenerate Earth, our shared common home. We are inspired by the relevance of John Cobb's teachings and the Living Earth Movement, their potential to effect a shift in planetary consciousness, and how they could help support the aims of the Holomovement. As part of our project we publish a  Mindful Earthism each day to encourage celebrating Earth Day every day. Details at Earthism.Space.

StewardHeirShip encompasses alignment with Spirit, Service, Stewardship, and Conscious Sustainable Living. Our action project is to publish and produce multimedia content including How-To-Guidebooks based on the work of John B. Cobb, Jr.  Love, especially unconditional love, is central to our vision and mission. We incorporate resources from The Love Foundation and The Love Center in our programs and publications whenever appropriate.

In case you are not aware of Dr. Cobb’s significant and substantial contributions, they are shared in a 9 minute video celebrating his recent 99th birthday at  https://bit.ly/JohnCobb99YearsOfLegacyWorksIn9Minutes

Check out the additions and enhancements in our Loving Living Earth Guide for May! It features our upcoming Living Earth programs with Chief Phil Lane, Jr., John B. Cobb, Jr., and Jon Ramer and includes several recent developments: 11 Sacred Practices to Cultivate a Deeper Connection with Mother Nature and Foster Environmental  StewardHeirShip Practices; Our Precious Planet, an article from Harold W. Becker of The Love Foundation; an update from our sponsor Brand Earth on Uniting Humanity through Respect and Restoration,  highlighting its spiritual embrace and the imperative to respect and engage with nature's diversity as a path to uniting humanity in restoring Mother Earth; a new page inviting Purpose Earth Championship; and links from each Mindful Earthism from Earthism.Space to the full blog post for those resources for helping us remember to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day!

We deeply appreciate your participation in Living Earth Movement!  Please contact me anytime I may be of any possible assistance at 760-212-9931  or charlesbetterton@gmail.com. Thank you for your participation and support!

Charles Betterton, MSCED with John Cobb, 99 years young, February 16, 2024

Gratefully Serving as Executive Director for The Living Earth Movement Center for U.S. China Cooperation, Peace, and Climate Solutions

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