Understanding China Papers and Dialogues

The Living Earth Movement


We are convinced that through cooperation, the peoples of the world could still salvage much of value from the disasters we face. We are convinced that global cooperation depends first and foremost on cooperation between the United States and China.

We are convinced that the major obstacle to cooperation is American enmity toward China, expressed in American policies and propaganda. The latter has succeeded in making most Americans think negatively of China and lack enthusiasm for cooperation. We hope that discussion with Roy Morrison will open the eyes of many to the wonderful possibilities that real cooperation could actualize.

We propose a three-pronged response to increasing the chances of cooperation.

A monthly meeting of young Chinese and Americans to build personal relations and mutual understanding. This is planned and implemented by young people as the Living Earth Youth Dialogues Sharing from the Heart.
A weekly meeting for all ages to discuss events in China, especially those which American propaganda has used to discourage interest in cooperation. We’ll call these “Dialogues about China”, recognizing that their purpose is to gain realistic understanding and build a community of people who care. Our initial program will be held on January 26th at 1:00 pm PST with Roy Morrison. His bio and one-page extract from his paper are provided below.
A growing collection of short statements, “Understanding China,” about what China is doing. The focus will be on explaining why China acts as it does. Our belief is that if Americans understand why China does what it does, whether they approve or not, they will see that cooperation with China is possible, as well as crucial for the survival of civilization. We would like for these papers to be widely available so as to provide a check against propaganda designed to increase suspicious and hostile feelings.
These three pathways will intersect extensively. The young people may write some of the “Understanding China” papers and make use of others. The weekly dialogues about China will often be about a draft of one of the papers. Through papers and discussion, we hope to build up a community of people who are genuinely committed to contributing to the goal of China/U.S. cooperation as a crucial step toward global international cooperation.

John B. Cobb, Jr.